Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Prepare a Pet for Travel

Whether your pet is a first-time vacationer or a seasoned traveler, preparing your faithful, furry companion for pet travel does not have to be a chore but can be an enjoyable experience for both of you. With careful planning and preparation, your fears and concerns about your pet during travel can be minimized and both you and your four-legged friend can be comfortable and stress-free during the entire trip.

Both cats and dogs can remain safe and comfortable travelling on an airline and many of the measures for preparing each are the same. It is important that your pet get a clean bill of health from the veterinarian and find out about any health risks that may be encountered at your destination. Your pet should also bet in good overall physical shape as this can also make your pet more comfortable while travelling. Acclimate your pet to car travel and the airline. Your pet still needs to ride in the car to get to the airport and making a few dry runs to and from the airport can get your pet accustomed to not only the car but the airport as well.

With regards to a carrier, select a carrier that is just the right size for your pet. For cats, the carrier needs to be large enough so that your cat can lie down or stretch but not too large so that it can be jostled in it. For dogs, make the carrier so that your dog considers the carrier its “bedroom” and condition them to like it. For both cats and dogs, place extra padding in the carrier so it is soft and plush. Also, placing a piece of your clothing, a towel or your pet’s favorite blanket will help to make your pet feel more at home in the carrier. Cats in particular like blankets with their own scent on them while dogs like chew toys in which they are interested. You can also try a luxury pet carrier which ensures the comfort and safety of your pet. These are made with ultra-plush foam and enable your pet to have as much space as possible for a comfortable airline trip.

On the day of your trip, get to the airport early. For dogs, this enables them to sniff around a dog park, if the airport has one. It also helps to engage your dog in some activity or walk before leaving for the airport as your dog will then be ready for a long nap and can sleep through a great deal of the travel time.

Cats do not need as much time ahead of a flight as do dogs but it is still important that you do not carry your cat with you through the X-ray machine. While on board the flight, stay calm and relaxed as your cat will follow your actions. Soothe your cat if it get agitated by petting it through the zippered opening in the carrier.

Pets are an important part of the family and if they are to be included on the next family vacation, make it an enjoyable experience for everyone by planning and preparing every step along the way to ensure your pet has a safe and stress-free trip.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Your Pets could be a boon to your Health and Moods

 Not many people are aware that their cats, dogs and even their goldfish can offer great health and therapeutic benefits to them. Your pets will ease your loneliness; they will reduce your anxiety and stress; they will encourage playfulness and exercise and offer unconditional affection and love. When you care for a pet, it will indirectly help you to live longer. One of the places that will help you care for your pets is

How can pets improve your health and moods?

Most pet owners are aware about the immediate happiness that comes with sharing of their lives with animal companions but they are unaware, at the same time, of the health and physical benefits that are related with the act of playing or snuggling up to a pet and the pleasure that they can derive from it. Recent studies have revealed the scientific benefits of the bond between humans and animals. Even the American Heart Association has reported that there is a reduced risk for heart ailments when it is linked with pets and their ownership.

What have the studies found about the human-animal bonds?

  • Owners of pets are less likely to suffer from depression and loneliness than those people who are without pets.
  • People who keep pets have less hypertension and lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those who do not have pets.
  • When you play with your pets, it will elevate the levels of dopamine and serotonin that will help you to calm down and relax.
  • Owners of pets have lower triglyceride levels as well as lower cholesterol levels than those who do not have pets.
  • Patients who suffer with heart attacks are more likely to survive longer when they have pets at home than those people without pets.
  • Owners of pets above the age of sixty five will be making thirty per cent fewer visits to their physicians than those who do not have pets.

Therapeutic Benefits

One of the main reasons for the therapeutic benefits is that the pets help in fulfilling the elementary human need to touch. It has been reported that hardcore criminals in prison cells have shown long term changes in their behavioral patterns after interaction with pets. In fact, many of these criminals experienced mutual affection for the first time in their lives. Cuddling, holding, caressing and stroking an animal can immediately soothe and calm agitated people when they are stressed.

How can the pets help in making changes in your lifestyle?

Visiting a blog site like and showering care on pets can increase the potential to adopt changes for a healthy lifestyle. This will, in turn, help to ease depression symptoms, anxiety or other bipolar disorders. Exercise is not just a visit to the gym; it could also be taking your dog out for a walk. Several studies have pointed out that dog owners are far more likely to get their daily exercise quota than those who do not have dogs as pets.  An important role is played by pets in healthy aging of people. When pets encourage playfulness, exercise and laughter, it will help boost the immune system and increase the energy levels in people.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Billions of dollars are being spent by parents annually on keeping their children happy by looking after their pets. The number of new gizmos and gadgets that are being taken out by pet stores all around the world are endless in number. You will be amazed to know that there were over nine hundred new products that were presented at the Global Pet Expo that was held earlier this year in the month of March in Orlando, Florida.

Once you take a decision that you are going to get an interesting gadget for your pets and your children, you will realize that there is a vast selection in places like for tech-savvy parents. These gadgets will help keep the children connected with their pets and will also increase the bonding between them. One gadget that has attracted the attention of most families is the Pet Video Monitor taken out by Motorola.

Scout 1

The Scout 1 Pet Video Monitor of Motorola will allow you to keep a check on your pets from your smartphone, computer or a tablet by means of a free app for both Android and Apple gadgets. This camera pans around 270 degrees and you can check whatever is happening at the snooze zone of your children’s pets which could be around the couch or near the food bowls. Your children can talk to your pets and even play them a song selection with this monitor.

This monitor is the ideal device to keep a check on puppies, particularly if they are overly playful and it will also help you in monitoring those elderly pets that are recovering from illness or have become sluggish. The camera in this Pet Video Monitor records the temperature in a particular room and also has night vision lens. You may read more about it at and it comes at an affordable cost of $199.

The main features of this monitor are that your children can monitor their pets when you are not at home or away. The camera can be controlled with a remote through a secure app which is free by using a PC, MAC, Android system or an iOS. The gadget allows a two-way communication so that your children can talk to their pets.

Staying Connected with Pets

Pets help you find joy and meaning in life. Caring for your pets can bring you pleasure and help boost up your morale and moods. When you take care of your pets, it provides a feeling of self-worth. When you choose or adopt an animal from a place like an animal shelter, particularly older cats or dogs for your children, you can add to that sense of fulfillment, with the knowledge that you have provided a place of security and a home to your pet that may, in most cases, have been euthanized.

Staying connected with your pets as with this Pet Video Monitor is helpful for yourself and your children as it encourages exercise and playfulness. It helps boost up your children’s immune system while increasing their energy levels.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Top Posh Dog Hotels Or Spas In The World

It is hard not to notice that the amount of animal owners has increased drastically over the years. With this in mind, pet owners are now demanding special treatment for their four legged friends. Luxury pet hotels are popping up all over the world, in order to accommodate the pickiest pet owners.
The most expensive of these hotels is the Pooch Palace, which is located within the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Pet owners have the option of choosing between several suites that they would like their pets to reside in, while they are away. The suites are given sophisticated names, such as the Presidential and Palace suite.

Each suite comes with several amenities for your furry pals. Your pets will be accommodated with luxury bedding, raised dog beds, exclusive limo services, underwater treadmill therapy, a personal swimming pool, along with a land treadmill. For dogs that enjoy being pampered, the hotel offers one of the top pet spas in the world. The hotel has named the area Spaw, where dogs are given the opportunity to indulge in facials, aromatherapy baths, fur coloring, along with pawdicures.
Pooch Palace is not the only luxury hotel that exists for animals. Bayside Pet Resort , located in Sarasota, Florida, with its only personalized animal spa has also joined into the luxury animal experience. The spa connected to the resort also boasts five star amenities for your four legged pals. The animals are supervised by superior animal specialists, and receive individualized attention. All of the activities that the animals engage in are recorded via webcams, so pet owners will always know what their animals are up to.

A hotel with the name Wag in it, sounds like a great place to take your pampered pet. Wag Hotels is considered to be a prime space to take your animal to stay. There are three different hotels that bare the name of Wag. These hotels are also located in California, just like the Pooch Palace. The hotel offers a hotel boarding experience for your pet, along with doggie day care, grooming, spa services, and training services. It is open 365 days of the year.

The old adage of everything is bigger and better in Texas, rings true when discussing luxury pet hotels. Spa Paws hotel located in Fort Worth, Texas is a hotel experience that caters to your four legged pal. It is the only five star rated hotel in northern Texas that caters to animals. With a variety of amenities, your pet will be able to enjoy a wellness center, boutique, enchantment spa, post style parties, and even an all exclusive wedding experience (if your animal has found the right one for them).

Traveling away from the United States, you will find the Essex Pooch Palace located in the UK to be a great place to take your furry pal. The name of the hotel, tells you everything you need to know. Your pets will be immensely pampered. There are ten bedrooms dedicated specifically to animals. Each room features central heat, sofas, televisions, and chandeliers. Everyone that chooses to stay at the hotel with their pooch will leave with a complimentary goody bag for their furry friend.

Pet spas and luxury hotels, are sprouting up all over the world. As more and more people become pet owners, they want to ensure that their animals are given an ample amount of attention that they require. Thankfully, these businesses are becoming extremely prominent.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

DIY Pet Projects That Won't Leave A Hole In Your Pocket!

DIY is a common term heard these days. These projects are becoming extremely popular, as people choose to engage in these types of projects in order to save themselves unnecessary expenses. The acronym DIY stands for do it yourself. While these projects are commonly used to make things that people utilize on a general basis, for their personal needs, DIY pet furniture is also avidly being made.

According to national statistics one out of every four households owns an animal of some kind. Out of these households, nearly two thirds of them own a dog or cat, with dogs being the prominently owned domesticated animal. Modern pet furniture can be fairly expensive, and when funds are tight, you do not want to spend money that you do not have. By choosing to make furniture for your pet, you can save money, and create an iconic piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose.

Speaking of a dual purpose piece of furniture for your dog, you can choose to turn your dresser or open-bottomed nightstand into a pet bed for Fido. By simply spending a few extra bucks on a soft cushion for your pet, you can place a cushion along the open section of your dresser, and this piece of furniture will instantly become a dual purpose dog bed. You can easily incorporate this bed into your current home decor.

If you are lucky enough to have an vintage suitcase lying around your home that you do not use, this can also be turned into a bed for your pet. If you do not have a suitcase lying around your home, you can easily find one at a yard sale or thrift shop. How can you turn a suitcase into a bed for your pet? It's simple.

All you need to do is cut up the top section of the suitcase, and place a comfy pillow inside of the suitcase, once done. Dependent upon the size of your animal, you may need to do some hunting to find the perfect sized suitcase for your pet. Making a dog bed out of a suitcase, is possibly one of the easiest and chic DIY pet furniture ideas that there are.

Instead of throwing away your old television stand, you can redo it, and make it a great place for your pet to relax in. Unwanted television stands can easily be turned into dog beds, and a private place for your animal. Simply, remove the front doors of the stand, if there are any, set a cushion inside of the stand, that can accommodate the size of the stand and your animals, and then decorate the interior to make it appeasing to your pet. Why waste something that can be reused, and make your dog feel like you truly care about their comfort?

These are just a few modern pet furniture ideas. There are so many different things that you can do with an old piece of furniture to make it accommodate your pet. By the way, not only can you use old furniture to create something new and exciting for your pet, but any materials can be used to do so, plastic, wood, old metals. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to DIY pet furniture. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Choosing the Right Dog Bed

You’re set, now you have a new dog or an existing dog that you love to death. Only Fido needs a new place to rest his head. A designer dog bed, where he can have his own space, right next to your space; choosing a dog bed can be both frustrating and an excellent experience if you have the right information. If you have a new puppy and are unsure of his adult size, you can check with the breed books or ask owners of the same type of dog what you should expect in his adult size. 

Many shoppers looking to purchase a modern dog bed for their dogs are on a tight budget and only able to spend a set amount for their dogs. Each company in the stylish dog bed industry offers a certain type of material based on the dog breed, how comfortable you want your dog to be and the pattern or solid color you would like to have. The more vendors you look over in this area, the greater the expense may become. 

Some large breed dog owners like to have large oval or rectangle bedding for their dogs. These often come filled with cedar chips, which are pre-fitted to the bed; the cedar chips are housed in a nylon bag, preventing the chips from becoming a disaster when you wash the cover. Most large breed dog owners like this idea because cedar naturally chases away fleas. The clean odor emitted from the dog bed is also pleasing to the palette when it comes to a fresh outdoorsy smell, adding to the special designer dog bed. 

If pine tree type scents affect you personally there are other options to consider. Some beds come with recycled foam or egg crate style foam which is also made from post-consumer waste and is placed inside some corduroy trimmed bedding and some velour types as well for smaller dogs. 

Pet owners, especially dog owners have a tendency to want to hide away their pet’s special places this can be a happy medium for both owner and dog. Some designers today specialize in the creation of working furniture, which also houses a place for Fido to hide out and snooze. These luxury pieces often run a little more and are shipped directly to you.  There are many shapes and styles. Modern dog beds are often as unique as their owners. 

Whether you are looking for a modern jewel, a fashionable condo or a designer dog bed, keep in mind styles today often are created with your pet in mind The older the dog may be the easier it is to add extra padding, a step up or even a little ramp for exiting the bed. The majority of the beds mentioned here are for the inside of the home. If you are looking for a dog house, literally one to put out in the weather consider using a cedar dog house and using an indoor soft bed to line the house. All dogs deserve to be as comfortable as you, keeping your wallet and peace of mind in hand; you should be able to determine the best fit for your dog!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Health Benefits Of Having Pets Use Elevated Feeders

In modern day society, domesticated animals, like dogs and cats, are no longer seen as pets. Instead, people that own animals, consider them to be a part of their family. Because of the publics new opinions on their animals, companies that manufacture products for dogs, are continuously doing new things to improve the products that are available for pets. Helping to make their lives easier. 

There are many helpful items that animal owners can purchase for their beloved pets. One extremely helpful item is an elevated dog feeder, or if you own a cat, an elevated cat feeder. These dishes are raised off of the ground. They are extremely beneficial to dogs and animal owners alike. One of the primary benefits of these designer dog bowls is that they enable animal owners to keep the area where they feed their pets tidy.

Also, because the designer dog bowl is elevated, pet owners do not have to worry about stooping themselves into a low crouched position, just to be able to feed their animal. Dogs that have health issues benefit immensely from the utilization of these bowls. Because the bowls are elevated off of the ground, they are the perfect position for aging dogs, enabling the animals to feed with ease.

Aging dogs do not have to worry about bending low in order to eat or drink from a drip module. Because the animal does not have to point their neck down, this causes less stress on their backs as a result. Not only do these feeders benefit senior dogs, but also dogs that suffer from arthritic conditions can also benefit from them as well.

The Doca Pet product, can even help dogs that have digestive issues, deal with the qualms that they are forced to live. The Bowsers Meshai Bowls will force a dog to eat slower, which will reduce the amount of air that the animal swallows when they’re consuming their food. The dogs will also begin chewing their food more, allowing the food to be easily digested, reducing vomiting in dogs.

Unleased life modern hi-rise bowls do not have any negative drawbacks. Perhaps the only drawback, if it could be considered a drawback, would be that the bowls have to be positioned perfectly by the owner of the animal, in order for the pet owner and the dog to be able to take advantage of the benefits of these bowls. Also, pet owners that have pets of varying sizes, may find it difficult to accommodate the animals they own.

When choosing a feeder for a pet, animal owners should take the brand name and the materials that are used to make the feeder into consideration. It’s important for pet owners to realize that in order able for you and your pet to benefit from your investment; you need to remember that cheaper bowls are not going to provide all of the health benefits that these bowls are designed to provide. Typically, products that are a little bit more expensive are made with higher grade materials. They also last a lot longer, making it well worth your while to purchase one.

When choosing an elevated dog feeder it’s important to do some research on various feeders, in order to ensure that you've located the best one for your pet. Barktwice feeders, hi-rise bowls, and meshidai bowls are among some of the best elevated dog bowls that an animal owner can purchase for their pet.